I will certainly play better tennis.

Now this first small step in what was only his fourth match of the year. “It ‘a great thing to be met head – said the Scot – you have seen my joy. In terms of how I prepared the game and as I approached, though, I can not be too happy. I will certainly play better tennis. ” FABBIANO ADVANCE – Meanwhile Thomas Fabbiano advances to 2nd round dell’Abierto Mifel Mexicano de Tenis, ATP 250 tournament under way on the hard courts of Cabo del Mar, Mexico.

The 29 year-old San Giorgio Ionico, Atp number 106, in the Italian night was imposed 5-7 6-2 7-5, in two hours and 19 minutes of play, on Takanyi Garanganga Zimbabwe, Atp number 451, coming from the qualifiers. In the second round Fabbiano will challenge the Bosnian Damir Dzumhur, number 24 in the world ranking and third-seeded. Gasport

February 20, 2018 – Milan norcoreane The cheerleaders in the stands of hockey palace. Afp The Olympics of cheerleading? The 229 North Korean supporters have so far wowed audiences around the world and won the gold with enthusiasm their perfect synchrony in the stands and not only whenever we were in the race compatriots, from hockey to downhill skiing.

However in PyeongChang there are eight groups of cheerleaders from as many nationalities are ready to perform, without the political, diplomatic and propaganda attributed to the presence of North Korean. The approximately 200 cheerleaders arrived last Sunday teams come from Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, the United States (represented by the University of Kentucky) and Switzerland in addition to South Korea being the home team.

Each of the eight teams have between 23 and 30 members. Only Canada and the Netherlands are exclusively female team; others are mixed. At the moment there are no performances along with North Korea. Olympics: North Korean Cheerleaders, perfect sync! Program – begin today the performance of the eight national groups which for most will be held in Gangneung (but also in PyeongChang), which hosts hockey games, curling and there is the ice arena dedicated to speed skating and FIG.

The teams will rest Friday 23 and then will perform together the next day, again in the seaside resort. The teams were also invited to the celebrations on Sunday will precede the actual at its closing ceremony of the Olympiad. And if their games started after those of athletes also their labors will end later.

Monday, 26 they will be in Wonju in Gangwon Province, to participate in a competition cheerleader. Then all at home to prepare for the next edition of the Games. Alessandro Conti  @ alfa_conti

August 21, 2017 – Milan The World Championship 2016 F1 Nico Rosberg declares himself a staunch fan of Formula E, the championship for electric cars: “Formula E is the future, and all of the producers will put their cards on the table, I look very exciting, “said the 32 year-old former Mercedes driver. away from the DTM for the Fe – The German house from 2019 will participate in the electrical series along with other well-known manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Porsche and Renault, but at the same time abandon the championship DTM tourism season at the end of 2018. “This is a very unfortunate decision for the series, “said Rosberg in Stuttgart during the visit in which he delivered his global car, the W07 Hybrid at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. “But I understand the decision of the Mercedes Formula E:” Electric mobility is the future and if the Mercedes proves to have the best technology in the world is very useful. “Gasport

January 22, 2019 – Milan Mario Balotelli, 28 years. AFP Inserting surprise for Mario Balotelli, now to greetings in Nice. In the last hours has stepped forward decisively West Ham that just in recent weeks has received an offer of 45 million euro for Arnautovic, another former Inter.

Olympique Marseille is always 1xbet live online on the Brescia tracks, but obviously the opportunity to return to the Premier is tempting to SuperMario: not only from the economic point of view. Remember that Balo is the contract expires and that choice can orient decisively this delicate stage of his career. Do not forget, in fact, his desire to play the national team. Carlo Laudisa  @ carlolaudisa

February 3, 2019 – Milan Church and Mandrake. Getty Udinese-Fiorentina 1-1 (halftime 0-0) Scorers: 11 ‘S.T. Larsen (U), 20 ‘S.T. E. Fernandes (F) Assists: 11 ‘S.T. Pussetto (U) Udinese (3-5-2): Musso; De Maio, Ekong, Nuytinck; Larsen, Fofana, Behrami, Mandragora, D’Alessandro: Pussetto (40 ‘S.T.

Lasagna), De Paul (29′ Okaka S.T.). All. Nicholas. Fiorentina (4-3-3): Lafont; LAURINI (38 ‘S.T. Ceccherini), Pezzella, Milenkovic, Biraghi; Gerson (15 ‘S.T.

Pjaca), E. Fernandes, Veretout; Church, Mirallas (1 ‘S.T. Simeon), Muriel. All. Pioli Referee: Orsato Schio Booked: 17 ‘P.T. Milenkovic (F), 43 ‘P.T. Mandragora (U), 14 ‘S.T. Gerson (F), 14 ‘S.T. LAURINI (F), 29 ‘S.T. Pussetto (U), 35 ‘S.T. Behrami (U) Gasport

August 9, 2016 – rio de janeiro Filippo Lanza against the American wall. FIVB Italy-United States 3-1 (28-26, 20-25, 25-23, 25-23) – Do not get excited now will be difficult, not to dream now will be complicated because the Blues with a masterful trial have won a heavy win ahead a newfound American team. Now the Blues, with quarters almost wrapped up can dream of the first in the group. Taking a sportellate. From start to finish.

The United States after the first Scoppola against Canada could not afford any more missteps and started the game by casting the whole arm (as they say in the jargon), but across the network have found it very highly charged an Italy. The same sextet Blengini and blue starting to skyrocket: 12-9. But the US will hang up and sign overtaking 12-13.

And ‘here that Italy and the US show of muscle: in a competition to see who shoots balls harder. And in this Giannelli, the day of his 20th birthday, do not you pull some back. Italy comes first at 24, but has to work a bit ‘before winning the first partial. In the latter, the tables are the United States and cards that raise their heads pulled by Anderson and Sander.

Italy staggers and when the score is close to the 20 loses contact with the American team. That ties it up with a very different performance from the one he had raised with the first day. But Italy gets back into gear in the third set: where is still a race shouldered between two teams who do not want to miss.

Captain – On 21-19, falling from a wall, Lele Birarelli, the captain of the Blues injured his right ankle and exits led to arms by his companions and immediately wrapped tight, Juantorena while affectionately kisses his companion and heartened at the first timeout. Buti Sale that celebrates the entrance with a large wall. And ‘the crucial moment: a ritrovatissimo attack Lanza throws the Blues to the 2-1.

In the third set Juantorena it takes to hand the team and pushes the accelerator to bring home a great result, after the victory against France in the first day. Blengini makes a tactical change as the inclusion of Rossini from the second line and one of them makes Italy the break, but the fight is not over. With Sander beaten the US date back from 20-16 to 20-20.

Nobody spring anything and you see a volleyball spectacle of the highest level. With Azzurri in front of a pasting, but again I draw with Anderson clay more attack. Match ball Italy (24-23), closes with a trip to Lanza instead of four. From our correspondent Gian Luca Pasini  @ GianLucaPasini

January 24, 2019 – Milan Mario Pasalic, Atalanta. Getty In recent days, even a call from Cagliari. Another attempt to assess the feasibility of an operation at this point, very complicated.

Basically for two reasons: the player does not take into account the destination (such as Bologna, another club who has tried), while Gasperini still consider it an important player. There is always more in the near future Goddess Mario Pasalic. The Croatian works hard on Zingonia fields and is preparing to be the holder for the fourth consecutive match in Serie A. The Rome without Freuler, it’s up to him yet.

Positive against Juventus (December 26) and Sassuolo (29), decisive in Frosinone 5-0 in 60 ‘by applause (assists in Zapata for the momentary 2-0 and evidence “Total”), Sunday does not want to fail.

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