Wednesday, December 1, 2004 I’m looking, I’m not in my memories (23 years of education) educational system that has resulted in many articles in the press (Humanity, the Parisian ) in so little time …

Wednesday, December 1, 2004 I’m looking, I’m not in my memories (23 years of education) educational system that has resulted in many articles in the press (Humanity, the Parisian ) in so little time … TPEs are featured today in your newspapers with the passage to the CSE. An AFP dispatch has taught us that the proposed deletion resulted in 45 votes against and only 4. Presumably the petition initiated by the educational CRAP-Notebooks and Educational Cafe and supported by increasingly many organizations there is for something. Good reading… ——————————————— – Release of 01/12/04 ————————————- Nothing seen … ——– Le Figaro 01/12/04 A main prosecuted for failing to report sexual assaults Excessive caution or lax? The former principal of the college The Milestone, in Thionville (Moselle), in office for ten years and retired in June, appeared yesterday before the criminal court for "non-reporting of sexual assault." He was accused of having alerted neither justice nor his hierarchy of serious accusations made by two students – aged 13 and 14 at the time of the facts – against a contractual maintainer of establishment. Jean-Claude W., 60, was sentenced in September to twelve months in prison, two firm and a probation of three years for two "sexual assaults on children 15 years per person in authority" . He has denied the charges against him. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 01/12/04 TPE or valued autonomy tank in a few months and Mathilde Eugenie support their tray. Before that, they have had to go before a judge for children, meet with a social worker and educator of the Judicial Protection of Youth (PJJ). Finally, they will be maintained, a long time with an ex-con. That’s what they pay the price, to deal with zeal a record that no one imposed on them. They chose their sentences. "It was that or Paris, 2012, the Olympic Games and their preparation …" Mathilde Eugenie preferred dive into the prison and take six months of research, interviews, writing on the subject of prison and reintegration. "It interested us both, we discovered many things. "That the detainees have to buy their soap, for example. "We did not know, either, all the reintegration assistance network. "In February, their TPE will be finalized and they give way to their 1st mates. [...] autonomy, teamwork, rab points for the tray and general culture are words that come into the conversation. "It leaves us six months to complete a project and we manage our time. This is a rare freedom in high school, "notes Josselin. And put forward a proposal that will formulate all, including less enthusiastic: TPE make an early test to pass in 1st, as the French so that she no longer encumbers the terminal. One idea among many. Who deserves, at a minimum, debatable. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— 01/12/04 Le Parisien "TPE, that’s all benef" tousled hair and shuffling gait, Etienne fell from the moon. "What, Fillon removes TPE? "Her friends the spoof. "Stephen would be the last to learn the invasion of Earth by Martians! "Still, at Helene Boucher high school in Paris (XX), the announced death of supervised personal work terminally bothers all students who have heard about it. The new, to be formalized today by the Department to the Higher Education Council and shall be effective next year, will not affect Etienne … unless he misses his tank S in June. The young "lunar" human fingers crossed. He "downright account" on its TPE "philosophy and physics," for which he will make a jailed thirty pages of memory … "the void". At these words, homeworkmarket reviews
her girlfriends giggle. He smiles. "If I handle it well, it will be 8 or 10 points insured. With the coefficient. 2, it goes fast! "[...] points to the tray. This is the primary motivation of these future graduates plunged since September in revisions and apothecary calculations. The "easy points" TPE – two weekly hours devoted to research work involving two disciplines – yet also seem a way out of this infernal equation. "We bump in small groups in different ways …" appreciates Julie, a student at nearby high school Maurice Ravel. "It’s all benef. Read more of the article You and your children Is it good to be early? GIRLS speak earlier than boys. Dolto was this logic female precocity: "A boy is generally later to talk a girl, you know, the girls have a sharp tongue, it’s normal, precisely because they have no penis! So it must be noticed by something else! "This early language is certainly an asset to the school level, where girls do better. But is interesting school early? We criticized so gifted that you now experience a mixture of pride – "he is awake" – but also fear when your child seems early, has a rich vocabulary, makes reflections pertinentes.Et it is not seen at school saying that her child is "early." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 01/12/04 moms schoolgirls Argentina In Argentina, 15% of births are to teenage girls. In Buenos Aires, schools are trying to adapt Read more of the article ——————————- —————– 20 minutes from 01/12/04 the teachers will no longer work at the drop of water too. All teachers Labor College in Bagnolet (93), went on strike yesterday morning to protest against the violence in the establishment More Article ——– —————————————– Le Monde 02/12/04 seen anything … Posted ——————————————– by Watrelot on Wednesday, December 1, 2004

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